Gone are the days when the president of the government was the only one who played padel. Currently, after football, it is the second most popular sport in the country and nowadays in the Tarragona regions there are around 50 oficial padel clubs.

This hobby has spread so much that knocking a ball around at the end of the day has almost become a religious act.

We, who are enthusiastic about this sport, decided to turn our passion for it into a business concern. So in summer 2016 we throught the time had come to make this sport something more than a hobby.

That’s how GADOP PADEL started, as a Project which from the beginning emphasized design and style.

After choosing a name and logo for the Brand we started drawing out different racquet models. What we were looking for was an original design. From the first draughts and models we chose three which we finally launched onto the market.

They are, SUPER LIGHT, JOLLY and MASTER. Each has its own design in the centre of the racquet, a splash of paint, a joker and a manga dragon. The rest of the racquet is black with the Brand name GADOP PADEL on the side.

pilota gadoppadel

GADOP PADEL’s new designs for padel racquets, created in Riudoms, began distribution in January 2017. Initially with three versatile models and a Price between 140 and 190 euros. The aim was that at the end of 2017 more new models would appear which could be produced by businesses in our own región.

Added to this main product GADOP PADEL offers accessories, such as, bags, T-shirts and all the equipment which is a must for padel fans as they improve their skills in the sport.

These are steps that we wanted to plan meticulously and that is why we were awarded a prize for Reus Business in 2016 after submitting our 3 year business plan describing the steps we wished to make over the next three years.